[SCRIPT] Generate CUE-Files for PS1 Game-Images

  • hy guys i made a small python-script, which i want to share with you.

    it's called "createCue" and is a command-line tool, which does:

    • Automatically or manually generate a cue-File for every PS1 Game-Image

    • Backup your current cue-Files

    • The script will override your cue-Files, so make sure you have a backup of your current files.

    The script will create a cue file like this:

    0_1515173473199_cue File Sample.PNG

    If you have multiple Audio Tracks in your Game-Binary or multiple Game-CDs, you will still need a custom cue-File, in this case the Script will not work for you !

    Here a overview what it looks like:

    0_1515174174153_createCue overview.PNG

    How can you use it:

    • Make a backup of your current cue-Files or let the script do it for you.

    • Download the script (tar-file) from the Link below

    • Copy the tar-file to your recalbox ( Path: /recalbox/share/system)

    • Connect to your recalbox by ssh or local.

    • go to the home-directory ( Path: /recalbox/share/system)

    • Unpack the tar-file: tar -xvf createCue.tar

    • Run the script: ./createCue.py

    Download Link Script

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