Random Input with N64 Emulator

  • Hi, so finally i have a bluetooth PS3 Controller set up to play my games wireless. Everything works perfectly fine except for N64. After a few minutes of playing where everything works great, i get random Controller Inputs. E.G. in Mario Kart 64 it press L all the time or in mario 64 the camera moves suddenly of its own or mario ducks all the time.   Is this a known bug? I use the latest stable recalbox version.

  • 2 possible causes for this problem: 1. low battery (try to charge your ps3 controller via usb at pc or ps3), but mostly the controller just stops working completely, if battery is low. so it could be more likely that... 2. your bluetooth stick  is bad/has a low range (try to get closer to the bluetooth stick with your controller and test, if it is better then or try another bluetooth stick)   but you say, that you have the problem only with n64 and on other emulators (gameboy, nes, snes etc.) there a no such problems? that is strange, because i have also ps3 controllers and i am also using them wireless over bluetooth and i do not have those problems.

  • Seems like it was the controllers fault. I tried another PS3 Pad and that works perfectly fine. But very strange that only n64 had this problem O-o

  • Haha ok... so it was the 3rd cause, which i forgot to mention ^^

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