Turn my Raspberry Pi 0W into a bluetooth HID gamepad

  • Hello there !

    I've been trying to get through this for weeks... many projects are quite similar but I have never found one that answers my problem.

    As the title says, I want to turn my Raspeberry Pi 0 W into a bluetooth HID gamepad.

    I figured out that another way is possible. Indeed you can create your own bluetooth HID device with either the Adafruit BlueFruit Ez-Key or a the RN-42 module (or even the HC-05 with the RN-42 firmware). But I want neither of these solutions.

    I want to use my Raspberry Pi 0 W in a way that it will be recognized as a bluetooth gamepad. Creating the gamepad is fine, I used the GPIO of the Pi for the inputs.

    But once the gamepad is physically done, how to make my Pi appear as a gamepad ? I've seen that you can use hciconfig in the terminal of Raspbian in order to change the class of the Pi and set it as a gamepad but I must admit that I didn't understand everything.

    And it's important that it appears as a gamepad and not as a keyboard.

    In a nutshell, I would like to turn my old wired nes controller in a bluetooth one, and play on another Pi where Recalbox is installed. (That's why you must appear as a gamepad and not as a keyboard, because Recalbox only works with bluetooth gamepads).

    Thank you in advance if someone takes his time to help me with this because I can't take it anymore haha !

  • @frowngo i've never heard about anything that could do what you wish in linux. If i were you i'd look for some dedicated chip, i think adafruit has such

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