PS3 joystick vibrates non-stop

  • Hello!. When I connect my generic ps3 joystick to the raspberry it starts to vibrate without stopping. The joystick works perfectly, but it is really annoying to play with a joystick that does not stop vibrating.
    Any solution for this?

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Thank you very much!.

  • @chiky disable ps 3 controllers in recalbox.conf.

    Why don't you play on bluetooth ?

  • @substring It is a good solution, but I still have the problem when connecting the joysticks to the raspberry to charge your battery :(

  • @chiky charge the battery elsewhere

  • @substring I appreciate the help, but that is an alternative solution. I would like to charge the joystick battery from the raspberry, for that reason I am looking for a solution to the problem of vibration. Likewise, Thank you very much for your help!

  • @chiky for now there is no.solution but to either disable bt on ps3 pads or patch the kernel

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