Reset FBA_libretro core/configuration to default

  • Happy Holidays, everyone!

    I've updated my Recalbox to the current version and I think I've made an oopsie with the FBA_libretro core. I originally configured my Neo Geo games to automatically run in freeplay mode and to use a modern button layout instead of the classic one. The update seems to have changed something about the button layout because it was different than before. I must've made a mistake when I tried to reverse it, because now "Configuration override loaded." is displayed when I start a game in FBA_libretro and I can't seem to change it. Is there any way to reset my configuration/core to default?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello @RandomTask
    check in /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch

  • Games still display "Insert coin" when booted, even though they were set to Freeplay. Fatal Fury Special for example:

    fba-dipswitch-fatfursp-Free_play = "On"

    It seems that the dipswitch settings were overwritten since it also displays the credit level, even though I turned it off in the dipswitch settings.

    I've edited

    fba-neogeo-controls = "newgen"

    as well as

    fba-neogeo-controls-p1 = "newgen"
    fba-neogeo-controls-p1 = "newgen"

    but Garou: Mark of the Wolves still uses the "classic" button layout.

    Is there something specific I should look for in either retroarchcustom.cfg or retroarch-core-options.cfg?

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