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  • I have an old live version of Ubuntu (10.4). With this all the partitions on the SD card can be visible. Now you can copy the roms directly to SD card. with the terminal, it is possible for root to open folders and to change everything. The command is: sudo nautilus thanks to Google translator o

  • Is there any form of do that on Windows?

  • I don't think so. In Windows, you can See only one partition.

  • Hi! maybe bit outdated but... i also had problems with the "standard" copy method via smb. To slow and unstable (maybe because of my router? Don´t know yet ...). My solution for copying big, full Rom Collections to the recalbox QUICK is the following: 1. Copy your roms to a blank USB-stick (Fat32) 2. Plug your stick to your pi 3. Connect to your pi via putty ......... lots of tutorials on the web, maybe 4. Then you are ready to copy the roms directly from the stick to a rom folder on your sd card/Recalbox system: On the Terminal (putty) type "mount" for the list of mounted devices. At the end you will find a line like this: "/dev/sda1 on /media/usb0 type vfat .... etc etc". In this case "/media/usb0 is the adress of your usb-stick. ------- look here for help: ----------- Now you copy all files from the stick to your sd-card with the CP (copy) command: cp [OPTIONS] SOURCE TARGET For example (copying all files to the roms/snes folder) it would be: cp -rv /media/usb0/* /recalbox/share/roms/snes Thats it. Copying a full collection of 10 GB took about 15-20 minutes on my pi. Sorry for my bad english, but I hope this helps someone! bye jan

  • Winscp is a software more user-friendly than Putty so can almost do the same thing with it :

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