DOSBOX fullscreen 16/9 (recalbox 4.1 17.12.02)

  • Hi all, maybe the solution is already in the forum but i cannot find it. Basically, when i am playing a game into dosbox (recalbox 4.1 17.12.02) the game is working but only in 4/3 aspect mode. I am playing my raspi on a TV and i would like to view it in 16/9.

    I was fighting with dosbox.conf, with options of scaling and nothing happened. Maybe i am doing something wrong. I don´t know.
    For sure you guys have the correct keys to touch. Any help will be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    @arbatax do a copy of odsbox.conf in your game folder, rename it to dosbox.cfg then change aspect=true to aspect=false inside it.

    If this doesn't change anything or if the parameter was already set to false, I don't think you can do anything else... then well those old games are 4/3 anyway 🙂

  • @voljega
    Hi voljega. Thanks a lot for your early reply!!
    I have read all your previous posts. You did a great job with dosbox knowledgebase.

    So. I will leave aspect=true in the main dosbox.conf
    and aspect=false in the new file dosbox.cfg inside the game folder. Im gonna do it in 1 minute and will report back the findings. Thanks again body.

  • @voljega

    Hi again. I did it with no success.
    It is a pitty but i was wondering that I missed some parameter becasue in my computer i normally play the same games in 16/9 with no scaling and works perfectly.

    Thank you anyway man

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