Vectrex with overlays ???

  • Hi, I´m playing with the new beta of this awsome recalbox system. In the 80th I got a Vectrex system. Is it possible to implement the overlay´s ?

  • I wonder this as well. Does vecx-libretro even support vectrex screen overlays at all?

  • I think Libretto not supports Vectrex overlays ???? btw. The new Beta7 Looks great. Only wish a shutdown option for hide es- menu

  • Hi, I tried to integrate overlays, but I didn't find the way to do ... So I think too that libretro-core is not compatible. That would be nice to open an issue on libretro's github, to have more information : About that btw. The new Beta7 Looks great. Only wish a shutdown option for hide es- menu, what are talking about ? You want a switch to deactivate emulationstation's options menu ?

  • @rockaddicted sorry  for my bad english. Normaly I dont write in english speaking forums, but I love this project. What I mean, is an option in recalbox.conf (ES Menu) maybe called "shutdown". like this "none" option but with shutdown and restart window

  • CRT Maniac

    I tried vectrex libreto and it works with overlay. But i load overlay in libretro menu and i don't know how to save an overlay config by game. I tried scramble.bin with an overlay (homemade PNG 1920*1080 with a .CFG file).   On windows libreto, i can resize game screen to fit the overlay but not on rpi version. On rpi libreto, i can resize the overlay to fit the game screen (aspect ratio to 7:9)

  • That mean your  Libretto now run with overlays on your Pi?

  • Humm do you have a pack of overlays to try this?

  • CRT Maniac

    This is a screenshoot from Vectrex Libretro on RPi2 (RECALBOX) The screen capture doesn't work very well but in game, it's perfect. I just Zoom in the overlay to fit screen game.   Click here to try

  • If someone on the community could work on a set of overlays, that will be great for everyone. Thanks ironic if you can upload the file than I look it please.

  • CRT Maniac

    With Mine Storm Better screenshot

  • Hum I trying to download the previous overlay with the links you gave us. But the ftp ask me a password.

  • CRT Maniac

    It's ok now, sorry.

  • Thanks I'll try that in the week. And I'll do a wiki on how to use overlays.

  • So apparently retroarch now supports per-core and per-game overrides. One would think this means that in my config directroy I can create a folder called VecX (core name) and inside it create a file called "Beserk.cfg" that contains only one line stating "input_overlay = ":\overlays\vecx\Bezerk.cfg"" and it would load that override whenever Beserk.vec rom is loaded. Problem is, I can't get it to work. I got it to work by adding that code to the retroarch.cfg file but not when trying to use a game-specific override. The directions say that in your config directory you make a folder named the same as the core name (not the .dll core name, the friendly name), in this case "VecX" and inside it you can have override configs for the core itself (VecX.cfg) or a specific rom (<rom_file_name>.cfg). I also found other info stating certain kinds of config code doesn't get properly overwritten but I found no specific referenced to "input_overlay =" specifically one way or the other. Maybe someone else can get a step further than me... P.S.: "emu movies" offers a free vectrex overlay pack with 36 overlays even for non-members. You can find it here: CLICK ME   Eric

  • CRT Maniac

    I found a way to auto load overlay by game. i use the --appendconfig in retroarch command line. - I made a file called "gamename".cfg in the same folder as the rom game. - in this file (here i take minestorm.cfg), i put : input_overlay = "/recalbox/share/overlays/vectrex/minestorm.cfg" input_overlay_enable = "true" input_overlay_opacity = "0.500000" input_overlay_scale = "1.000000" custom_viewport_width = "782" custom_viewport_height = "976" custom_viewport_x = "570" custom_viewport_y = "30" Don't confuse, 2 files are named minestorm.cfg one in the rom folder and one in overlay folder. I used this command to lauch the game if [[ "$emulator" == "vectrex" ]]; then /recalbox/scripts/ 4 "$retroarchbin -L $retroarchcores/ --config /recalbox/configs/retroarch/vecx_libretro.cfg --appendconfig /recalbox/share/roms/vectrex/$filenameNoExt.cfg "$1"" fi With one .cfg by game, it's possible to resize game/overlay screen.

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