How to configure admin buttons with gpio?

  • I have a bartop with two players, six buttons each plus start, select, and two hotkey buttons. I want to configure the admin buttons to be a pause for one and an exit for the other (if possible a hold for exit).

    Is this possible and if so, how do I do it?

  • @ivwshane what do you call admin buttons ? There is no such, even less if your inputs are on GPIO.

  • @substring

    Admin buttons as in a pause button and an exit button.

    Is there is hotkey cheat sheet?

  • @ivwshane i'd politely answer RTFM :)

  • @substring

    That's not very polite.

    Anyway, I found this which should take care of the 1 button for exit I want.

    However it doesn't look like there is a pause option in retroarch other than using hk+p on the keyboard which doesn't help me since I won't be using a keyboard.

  • Themer

    @ivwshane said in How to configure admin buttons with gpio?:

    That's not very polite.

    Neither is coming as a newbie on a forum and not even doing the effort of reading the manual and wiki

  • @voljega

    Check my join date, I'm not a newb and I did read the wiki.

    I found the answer and posted it for future posters who might ask similar questions. What did you add to the thread?

  • Themer

    @ivwshane said in How to configure admin buttons with gpio?:

    Check my join date, I'm not a newb and I did read the wiki.

    off course, that's why you asked for a hotkey cheat sheet then

  • @voljega

    Yes because the wiki doesn't have a full listing of hotkeys and recalbox is a customized version of retroarch which is why I asked here.

    Would you like to continue thread crapping or did you have something useful to add?

  • Themer

  • ok, substring's answer , punctuated with a smile was obviously a way for him to show off his skill in english acronyms while still saying that the answer was indeed in the 'kissing' manual no need to start a fight here . :)

    What baffles me though is your first post where you state you have two hotkeys button .... that is, as i remember my old bartop, just not possible so maybe you have a problem there also....

  • @drlobo We do handle some special GPIO buttons. Still not yet shipped in Recalbox itself, but we know it's working and we should include it in a coming release.

    But they can't be combined with the GPIO arcade buttons of course, unless you wire your sticks and buttons in I2C with a MCP23S17, thus freeing most of GPIO for this matter.

    Still, I don't know if OP wired his inputs on GPIO or on a dedicated USB board. Nevermind, reading the doc would have spared everyone some time regarding the hotkey cheat sheet, that's all I wanted to point out.

  • This exit button is a feature many people seem to want though ...i had it for a moment in my 'picade' since it had an arduino board for controllers recognised as a keyboard, but it was too painful to configure and even enter retroarch menus for instance, even with a keyboard attached, only mame through libretro was 'usable in the end' so i finally flashed it thanks to some english user who made a patch available on github...and now i miss my exit button :)

    So you say there actually can be one hotkey key for each player ? isn't it useless ?

  • @drlobo said in How to configure admin buttons with gpio?:

    So you say there actually can be one hotkey key for each player ? isn't it useless ?

    it IS useless. It's never used in fact. But it can be helpful when you reorder players.

  • The hotkey listed on the wiki is for recalbox, there are more hotkeys than that though which is why I was asking.

    I'm using the gpio pins directly, no other board is being used. That said, according to the wiki, there are indeed two hotkeys, one for each player. It was these two buttons that I wanted to use for functions that aren't listed on the recalbox hotkey list (a pause and a 1 button exit). The one 1 button exit appears to be an option according to the wiki but I didn't see a way to utilize a pause button.

    And for future reference:
    Rtm= polite
    RtFm= rude

  • @ivwshane i didn't mean to be rude, forgive me.

    But once again i tell you : your inputs are on GPIO. Using some buttons intended for your cab inputs on the GPIO for some other purpose will have some unexpected results. That's why I suggested using a MCP23O17 (or even 2), so rthat your GPIO ca n be wired the way you want, and you could even use those "1 button scripts".

    Let's not leave place to misunderstanding : what we call hotkey is necessarily a key combination with the hotkey itself. We don't call a single key that should pause or exit or fast forward or blabla a hotkey. And regarding those 2 buttons you'd wish : they'd be ok for retroarch, whereas other emulators would only support exit

  • @substring

    No hard feelings.

    I get what you are saying about the hotkeys and my first post could have been clearer.

    Thanks for the help.

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