How To Exit Out of PSP Game?

  • I have the latest version and updates of 4.1 ..

    How do you exit out of PSP games?

    I have read previous posts that you have to press the 'HotKey' button, but nothing happens when I do and no menu appears. The roms are standard ISOs in the 'psp' folder.

    I know the Hotkey works because I can break out of it using the START+HOTKEY on the other console games I have..

    Any suggestions I should try?

  • @Substring any thoughts on this, or is this a bug in the latest update of 4.1 ?

    I assumed that maybe I need to install PPSSPP, but from what I can read, its included and the Hotkey button should work to bring up the menu, but the menu doesn't appear.

  • @tdelios it's been a few releases already that i added retroarch-like combos

  • @substring ... so why is it that I press the Hotkey button that the menu does not appear in order to exit out of the PSP game?

  • @Substring ...

    nvm-- I figured it out..

    unlike the other console games such as mame, NES etc that you would press the START+HOTKEY buttons at the same time to exit the game, the PSP games don't work that way... with the PSP games, you have to hold down the Hotkey first for about a second or two, and as you hold down the Hotkey, then press the START button to exit the game..

  • @tdelios I have no idea how you used to make your combos, but i always press HK, hold it, then press the other key in less than a second. I never press both at the same time

  • @substring .. totally understand.. I don't make them.. I just find them out on the net.. i'm at the mercy of whoever created the combos..

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