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  • I noticed that DC roms readme file states to only use ".gdi/.cdi/.chd" files. But when viewing compressed CD roms on the internet , the roms also contain multiple .bin and .raw files as well which the readme didn't mention.

    Am I only supposed to dump the GDI/GDI/CHD file in the 'dreamcast' folder and not the other .bin and .raw files? Or do they also need to be present? Or is it similar to PSX roms that I need some tool to combine the multiple bin and raw files .. just not sure what the process is with this one?

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    1. find out which emulator is being used.
    2. Look for the allowed extensions for that specific emulator in the internet.
    3. If an extension is missing in the readme or es_system.cfg, make a MR on Github to add it. If not, get your roms in any of the allowed extensions.

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    the .gdi file is only a cue sheet (how on psx system the .cue file).
    Yes, you need also the game files.
    Create a folder per game and copy your .gdi, .raw and .bin files into the game folder.
    You can combine the multiple files when you want. Search on www for Dreamcast gdi2chd converter. The output is a single .chd file.

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