PS3 Controller Driver Issues -> shanwan/official treat standard BT controller as PS3 Controller, bluez has limitations

  • Hi guys,

    I've got several PS3 Controllers and a 8Bitdo BT n64 Controller. I had several issues with connecting the controllers via the GUI so I had to trust all the Controllers with bluetoothctl via SSH first. Then they where able to connect automatically. ..but I then recognized that all PS3 Controller drivers make trouble:

    1.) When I use -> bluez <- only ONE PS3 Controller is working. The other two PS3 Controllers seem like to connect but they are NOT recognized as controllers. The n64 Controller ist working.
    2.) When I use -> shanwan or official <- all PS3 Controllers are working! ..when I connect the n64 Controller it also connects and is recognized as controller BUT no key is working!!

    When I have the problems described in 2.) I can again connect via SSH and use connect via bluetoothctl for the n64 Controller => all controllers are working until I turn of the n64 controller. When I turn it on I again have the issues mentionend in 2.). For me it seems like the shanwan or official driver connects the n64 controller which makes it unable to use..

    Would be cool if you can fix this.. ..since I'm also a software developer I can help if you give me some hint where I can start with 😉

  • ..jep - I'm pretty sure the PS3 driver connects the Controller and does not recognize any keys due to a different key signature.. there a way to tell the driver to ignore a specific device (kind of blacklist for specific BT devices using its MAC)??

  • @basti the official or shanwan drivers shouldn't be taking over Bluez5 for your N64 pad. Anyway, I'm rather surprised about this mess : controllers are trusted if they successfully pair through ES (except PS3 drivers that, of course, have their own protocol)

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