USB Boot - BackScreen :(

  • Hello All,

    I have a Windows 10 device with UEFI BIOS and secure boot disabled. When I try to boot from the USB device, I get a black Sceen, just with the cursor (static) on the top left of the monitor. Nothing more happens. All just black. I waited for about 30m.

    If I try LAKKA system, it boot normally and everything works.

    Any idea what it can be wrong? Why can I boot on system, but can't boot the other?


  • @johnlewis Does the Recalbox text display at least ? Which version have you chosen 32 or 64bits ?

  • Hi @substring ,

    I did the test with both. x86 and x64. The result is the same. No text, only the small cursor on top left, and nothing more. everything else is black.

  • @johnlewis if you have the blinking cursor, you may have the text before. If it's on a monitor, you may need to make it auto scan to recenter the picture.

    the other solution is to edit the grub.cfg files (there may be several of them), remove the quiet option, and change console=tty3 to console=tty1 for a more verbose error. You can do all those changes by plugging your USB stick in your computer when Windows has booted. Take care to use a text editor that handles unix format files (give a try to noteopad++ or notepad2)

  • Hello @Substring , Right now I don't have the device with me. Soon as I have it again I will try your suggestions and I will let you know.

    thanks for your support.

    Best Regards,

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