Recalbox inaccessible when on 'access point' wireless; Works on & Requires Main Wifi?

  • Hey there everyone. I'm still being introduced to my recalbox, so I'm likely to have many more questions down the line. (IE: External encrypted drives, sharing them, activating them) So here's my first one.

    In my home, here is a network diagram:

    Main Wifi Router <--- Internet
    | Ethernet
    Sub Wifi Router (Unclear which mode; no IP Subnet or DHCP Server)
    | Wifi
    Recalbox on Wifi
    Laptop on Wifi

    Until I changed my laptop, and my Recalbox, to my main WiFi router, I could not access my recalbox while using the sub Wifi router.

    Unfortunately, I'm not clear what's going on because the sub Wifi router is a Belkin, which vaguely calls the mode it's in as "Use as an Access Point" mode. You configure a static IP on the local subnet for the router/AP, and.. that's it. It doesn't explain how network signals are broadcast from and to devices through the access point to the main DHCP server.

    However, it has functionally been cooperative. I have a network printer connected by ethernet to this very router, and I can access this device through either Wifi, as expected.
    Yet even this placement of my printer on the network has its problems. Sometimes the printer will be seen as offline, regardless of which network you are on as well. At some point, the printer is visible either due to physically waking it, or rebooting the computer accessing it.

    I didn't intend to seek networking help on my first visit, but I'm pretty stumped here. I'd like my recalbox to use the nearest wifi, and for any device to use either wifi.

    Any thoughts/help?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,


  • @findingfilene Hey there, everyone.

    Since I changed to the main Wi-Fi network in my house, I've just settled to leave it this way. I've managed to access my recalbox via IP and via http://recalbox.local/ on the subnet.

    I don't know how this failed, and worked. It's just the way things go.

    I don't think I'm going to have success on my encrypted drive problem, so I'll start a new topic about that.

    Thank you,


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