Steelseries Nimbus controller working on 4.1?

  • Hi,

    Has anybody tried the Steelseries Nimbus (Bluetooth) Controller in Recalbox 4.1 yet?

    As I still thinking about to buy a second bluetooth controller for my Recalbox, this one would be perfect for me (if it works). - And, last but not least because I could use it with AppleTV also.

    I've only found posts and information regarding to older Recalbox versions that say this controller is pairing, but buttons are not working.

    Many thanks in advance for your answers and at this point, many thanks to the team and community for Recalbox 4.1 stable, it's working like a charm!

  • @lhari84
    I tried. And it's still not working... Unfortunately...

  • Moderator

    @lhari84 and @eckiles Hi,

    According to this page, your controller has not been tested by the Recalbox team and is not officially supported. However I know they often do their best to add new controllers on as often as they can.

    Could post a support archive ? @Substring could you then take a look ?

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