@souther Mettre la core option en mode aes pour avoir le mode console fonctionne surement (toujours pareil : à condition que ton romset neogeo.zip soit correct, et pour vérifier çà la doc arcade est ton amie), pour ce qui est de l'unibios tu as essayé ce que l'auteur suggère dans le lien que j'ai mis ?

Later games in the Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown series (MS X,3,4,5 and SS 4,5,5Sp) may not work correctly in console mode until after you have set up the game settings and controller config in the options menu (after starting a game). This problem is due to the games not setting up the initial backup ram data correctly for console mode if the game is first run on the system while it is in ARCADE mode (you must experience a 'GAME OVER' before the new settings are permanently saved).