2 sound during boot video (ES + video) - Help

  • I despair, I have a problem with the sound during the boot video (S02SPLASH).
    EmulStation basically starts during the video and we hear the sound of ES at the same time as that of the boot video. It's really not pretty 😞
    I can not force ES to wait for the end of the video to play the sound.

    I have faded to ES at the end of my video, so some settings of the S02SPLASH file seem to work well.

    I just want to force the video to the end.

    I added a random video in the file, this one takes randomly among 3 boot video. It gives a boot that changes every startup 🙂 I cut my videos to not exceed 30sec. Hence the interest of leaving the video entirely.

    If anyone knows how to force the entire video? And especially that the sound of ES only starts after.

    Thank you in advance.

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