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Wii : Mario Kart Wii problem with 4.1 (Could not write to/read from Wii system memory)

  • Hi,

    First of all I would like you to know that Mario Kart Wii is fully supported by Dolphin (PC) since years.

    Problem : Mario Kart Wii display an error message when ran : "Could not write to/read from Wii system memory" on Recalbox 4.1 x64 (NUC)

    • This is the ONLY game that cannot access "system memory" (saves?), all of the other games can save and load properly

    • I read that this is sometimes caused by an accent or a forbidden character in the rom or saving path, the paths (that I saw) are default ones and I couldnt see any forbidden character such as accents or ' ! et...

    • I read that this is sometimes caused by a bad dump, I have tried a few different ones, EU and US, same message

    My conclusion is that it might be a BUG with Recalbox 4.1, might be linked to a path / directory the game or Dolphin doesnt like, this game is known for that error...

    Thanks for your answers and support

  • Hi it is not a recalbox bug, but a known dolphin issue.
    Check on google, you must add a mario kart wii save to be able to play on dolphin.

  • @rockaddicted What do you mean by "add a Mario Kart Wii" ? I'm gonna look up again anyway but i'm not sure what you mean by add a game

  • @rockaddicted I've found 1 topic where someone finally answer this issue, you were right, and now I get what you meant ! I gotta add manually an existing save file to make it work, thanks !

  • Haha I forgotten a word save.
    You found by yourself 😉

  • @maldorhan hi can you tell me how you solved the issue ?

    I mean step by step, or maybe which topic it is?

    I haven’t found anything but this thread


  • J'ai le même soucis. Ou faut -il mettre la sauvegarde de Mario Kart WII ?

  • @minux87 You are in an English post, so please do effort to speak English too 😉


  • Ok Thank You but my english is very poor LOL

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm used not to enter the forum and just look for answer, but this time I'm quite out of my nerve with myself at two inches of the perfect retrogaming system. First what is usefull to everyone: It runs very well on a surface pro3. Very well in fact regarding that dolphin is not playable within the windows system.
    Now the question about the mariokart wii save, I have a .dat file from my dolphin save and a Rksys.dat from the internet. I tried to put it them everywhere regarding the different forum, including what seems the correct way in dolphin-emu/wii/title/00010000 and the subfolder /52534250. Still not working. (I checked that the game iso is not corrupt) does it work correctly with someone else?
    Other game work great, only the same problem as everyone with the joypad (solved by changing the mapping of my ds3 before playing) and waiting for a wiimote delivery.

    GG to everyone.

  • Please, tell me where to copy the Wii iso. I Tried some folders but without success.

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