Wii : How to quit the game (and go back to ES) with the wiimote ?

  • Hi,

    • I can't find any combination of buttons on the wiimote to quit Wii games and go back to ES, it would very nice if we could map that on the "shutdown" button on top left of the wiimote since it's not used by games ! Is there a shortcut or a way I didnt think of ?

    • I even tried it with a PS3 controller beside and it does'nt respond within wii games

    • Only thing that works is ESC on a keyboard but I dont have a keyboard on my couch... 😄

    So for now I have to use Recalbox Manager / Virtual Keyboard on my phone on the couch and I press ESC on it to quit games, not very practical 😄

    Thanks a lot !

  • Hello, only escape with a keyboard for the moment, no way to use shortcuts. Will come with a next release

  • @rockaddicted Ok thanks a lot ! Good to know that it's planned 🙂

  • @rockaddicted Hello, only the wiimote works for wii roms ?? i've a wirelees dualshock3, but i'm able to navigate in the game menu 😞

    I've enabled the emulatedwiimote function.

    Any idea ??

    Thanks a lot

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