Issues with TV on 4.1 Pi3

  • So I have this strange issue with video glitching. Sometimes when booting up, the boot animation and sound with freeze and the audio will keep looping a short clip over and over. Just rebooting usually fixes that.

    But a bigger issue is terrible constant video glitching (like this It seems to happen at random times, but almost always happens when launching a game.

    What's weird is, turning off and on my TV again will clear the glitch temporarily. But when I exit the game back to ES, it happens again.

    I thought it could be a TV issue, because I haven't seen it happen when hooked up to a monitor. However, none of my other devices or computers do this when hooked up to my TV, so it's something between the TV and the Pi3 specifically.

    But also, it didn't happen on 4.0

    Could there be certain video settings in recalbox that could cause this? Or any changes to 4.1?

  • Guess I spoke too soon. I had a computer hooked up to the same HDMI port and I eventually got the same issue when rebooting it. Must be a TV issue.
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  • So Vizio has actually told me that it may be a resolution issue from the Pi3 because the HDMI port that I'm using (I need to use this particular port because it's the lowest latency port) is meant for:

    2160@60hz 4:2:0 Chroma 10-Bit color
    1080@120hz 4:4:4 Chroma 10-Bit color

    Is there a recent change in 4.1 that could have affected the video output? Because this only started happening with 4.1. 4.0 was always fine.
    Even though it seems to be sporadic in 4.1

    I'm not seeing 1080p @ 120hz as an option here

    Is that option just not possible on the Pi3?

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