Recalbox steals focus on AV-R and TV

  • I have a setup where my TV is connected to the AV-R. To the AV-R are connected two RasPis and some other peripherals. As turning a RasPi on either means turning physically reconnecting power or some extra hardware, they stay on all the time. One has LibreELEC running on it, the other Racalbox 4.1.

    When I turn the TV on to watch TV, the RasPi with Recalbox steals focus: I turn the TV on, the AV-R goes on and switches the system to show the Recalbox screen. This does not happen with the LibreELEC RasPi (even when that is the only one powered up) so I'm guessing it has something to do with the software. In LibreELEC this behavior is something I would expect to be able to configure in the CEC-Adapter configuration (even though I'm not seeing an option that says "claim focus when TV is turned on"). I don't know how much CEC recalbox "speaks" or if this is a feature of the underlying Raspbian, but I'm wondering if there is some way to make Recalbox be more passive on my entertainment system connections.

    This behavior was also present in 4.0.1.

    What needs to be said: 4.1 is fantastic on the RasPi3! I'm having no problems with the BT interface (8bitdo controllers), the new web interface for configuration with virtual controller and keyboard is beyond expectations and the on-screen-keyboard in ES is just what I needed. You guys rock! Thank you very much!

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