Error in the screenshot viewer and downloading images to the games through ScreenScraper

  • First good night. I know the text is long but please help me because I can not take it anymore.

    I updated my Recalbox to version 4.1.0 and since then several bugs have appeared that I have managed to resolve, but now I have two more new problems that I can not find anywhere.

    I was putting new images into the games coming from the ScreenScraper database that recently came to the system. After finishing the process I was erasing the screenshots that I had taken months ago while I played. So I went into the system screenshots viewer and went off one by one (I did not delete the pc just to make sure there was no bug). When erasing the last photo Recalbox was left with a black screen and locked, not calling anymore. Then I re-linked the Raspberry and the system started normally, I took a new screenshots of any game just to see if everything was fine and then when I went to see in the photo viewer, when passing the images they would get negative colors. are negative, it is the viewer that is doing this in real time). And then I went to see the games I had downloaded the pictures for them and as I predicted had not saved what I had done. So I downloaded the new screenshots of ScreenScraper and it did not identify any game image, no game even of the more than 400 games I have in the system. I've done everything and I can not format the system and install again. What do I do? Thanks a lot!

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