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[Resolved] Edit recalbox.conf

  • Hello. I am new at this (especially Linux) I built an arcade joystick for GPIO raspberry. and I have to set it in the recalbox.conf, the problem is that I can not access it, I went to the terminal linux but I only have access to 4 files. i hope you can helpme with this. thx.

  • Hi and welcome in the recalbox's world. So if you want to edit the recalbox.conf you can follow these steps. First get a root acces to your recalbox, then open your recalbox.conf with the editor, nano, using this command : nano /share/system/recalbox.conf Now edit your file to activate the GPIO driver. You must delete the ; and switch a 0 to 1 to activate a setting. So for the GPIO with 2 controllers you must have something like that :

    ## GPIO Controllers
    ## enable controllers on GPIO (mk_arcard_joystick_rpi)
    ## mk_gpio arguments (map=1 for only one gpio controller)

    Ok, it is time to save the file, exit and reboot. So press ctrl+x to exit, then y and enter to save and the command reboot to ... reboot.

  • Rockaddicted thanks, I was finally able to test controls. Works perfect Thx

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