Colecovision Black Screen Crash To Gameslist

  • Fairly new to Pi and Recalbox so please forgive me if I am missing something obvious.

    I have a Pi3 with Recalbox 4.1 and all my other systems are working ok except the new Colecovision emulator.

    My roms all have .col extensions and I have installed a Bios through the Web Interface however the issue is the same with or without the Bios installed.

    Everytime I load one of the roms the screen goes black for a few moments then kicks me out back to my gamelist.

    Has anyone experienced a similar issue and if so how was it resolved?

  • Hi did you had required bios files ?
    check readme.txt files in rom folder for more informations.

  • Hi Rock and thanks for the reply. I managed to resolve the problem by downloading the necessary files from the readme again. I think the first time i downloaded maybe it was corrupt or something.

    All seems to be working fine now, thanks again!

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