Upgrading to more storage?

  • I originally installed recalbox on an 8GB card, I then upgraded to a 32GB card by using win32 diskimager to copy the old card to the new one.   However recal box doesn't see the full storage.   What do I need to do so I can use the additional storage and how?

  • Hello you can extend your partitions using a tool gparted.

  • I can't because gparted won't let me resize it because there is a small 32MB "settings" partition next to it.

  • Never mind I got it. I had to copy that settings partition to the larger  unallocated space, shrink it and then extend the other partition with the roms on it.

  • I use a 64GB card.  To use the whole card I did the following: Use 'MiniTool Partition Wizard Free' (Windows) Delete all partitions on the card. Create a new partition selecting 'Primary' and 'Fat32'. You then have a 64GB (or there abouts) Fat32 partition and can copy the Recalbox files onto it. When Recalbox has installed you should have 57GB of free space for your Roms.

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