Recalbox x86 or 64 from hard drive, easy method.

  • Not sure if it has been posted, just want to share my method to boot recalbox from hard drive o a pc, Im using the 64 version but im sure it works on x86 too. So i have my pc with windows 10 x64, i mounted a second harddrive and booted windows, once in windows i went to control panel, then admin tools, then equipment administration, thats where you can modify stuff in the drives on your computer, in there i chosed disk administration, and i deleted the second hardddrive partition and exited the program. After that i have Hirens boot cd in my windows installation but you can just download diskimage by roadkill from here Image open up , then chose your harddrive that was previewsly partition erased, or volume eliminated, in my case it was disk 1 as the windows hard drive is disk 0 , then select the image and burn that into the harddrive. once its finished, just turn of your pc, take the drive out, or if you gonna use the same pc just take the windows drive out, fire the computer up, let it boot, it may take up to 5 minutes the first time, and voala, you have recalbox on your pc from hardrive. Now i know my english isnt very good, but ill try to help as much as i can. Next i will try to set up a dual boot with windows, and share how i did it, i just need to know, on wich type of linux, is this recalbox distro based on , if anyone can help me, thanks.

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