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[SOFT] GameList Editor

  • I found a bug when deleting games. if the "game" is a .cue file, the tool only removes the .cue file but not the files that are mentioned in the cue (e.g. PSX). maybe it should scan the cue files for .* files (in my case .bin) and delete both.

    also when asked whether to remove the game or not the program has a Qui and Non button in German language.

  • Tester


    Ok thx for your report.
    I totally forgot that some systems could have more than one file, so yeah it deletes only the one "referenced" in the gamelist.
    I'll have a look to what I can do about this.

    And about the Information window when you delete a game, it's a native windows component, I thought the words would adapt to the language of your computer, but it's not the case, I'll have a look at it too ;-)

    Thx again for your report.

  • Tester


    Ok, I've fixed the "Oui / Non" buttons, the problem was present in every language.
    About the multiple files when deleting, I've fixed it only for PSX (it will now delete both .cue and .bin).
    I can't fix it for other systems, because I have no way to detect which files are linked to the one mentioned in the gamelist.xml
    It needs further investigation, but I doubt I can do anything about it.

    I didn't make a new release, just updated the .zip file in the latest one :

  • @NeeeeB no worries, you fix your stuff pretty quick, I could have lived with version 0.9.2 already ;), For PSX, does it delete all bin files? some games have more than one .bin file, hence I'm asking.

    I'm not sure what you mean with the other systems, don't all cue files look the same? I would approach it like this: check if the file linked is the gamelist.xml is .cue, if it is, scan the cue file line by line for files linked in the cue and save the filenames(+paths?) in an array or list or something. loop through the list and (try to) delete the file(s). maybe I'm wrong here though, I haven't looked at too many cue files yet, but so far the look the same to me.

  • Tester


    Nope, for the moment it only deletes the .bin file with the same name as the .cue (or the other way).
    That's why I told it needs further investigation, just need to search a bit on how to read the content of .cue file (which is simple .txt btw)
    I'll have a look at it in the week, I need to gather more infos, like if all systems with multiple files use a .cue (for example, .gdi dreamcast don't seem to use a cue file, so I need to find how to list all the files related to the game).

  • @neeeeb yeah I know cue files are simple txt, and reading txt files line by line shouldnt give you headache. you shouldn't care for what file types each system has, if I understand correctly each file in a cue is listed like
    FILE "filename.extension" BINARY, you you pretty much need to know what's between the "..." to look for that file to delete.
    if scanning the cue you pretty much know where a file is listes, it says "FILE" at the beginning and should have a "BINARY" at the end.

    you should also be aware that it is possible to have the bin files or whatever files in a different folder (subfolder) where the cue file could look like
    FILE "subfolder/some_file (track 2).bin" BINARY

  • Tester


    Subfolders would even be more simple ^^ I would just have to delete the folder ahah (there is a recursive DeleteFolder function in Delphi).
    What I meant by knowing what files per system, is that I'm not sure they all use a cue file to list all the used files.
    This is what I have to check, the rest should be relatively simple to do.
    Thx for the infos btw.

  • @neeeeb each system has a readme file in recalbox which says which file types go in the folder ;)

  • Tester

    New version available !!
    Nouvelle version disponible !!


    Scraping is now available to choose a picture for a game.
    Added Portuguese(BR) as language.

    Il est désormais possible de scraper l'image pour un jeu.
    Le portugais (BR) a été ajouté comme langue disponible.

    Comme toujours, n'hésitez pas à remonter les éventuels bugs !!
    As usual don't hesitate to report bugs !

  • I have a nother suggestion for you. I see the checkboxes for each field were implemented to prevent people from accidentaly overwriting the data, but I feel they just slow down the procedure for editing the lists. I mean the changes won't be saved anyways, unless you click the save button.

    my suggestion is, display the save button after the user makes changes to at least one field OR make one check box for enabling "edit mode" or something and also make a "edit god mode" where edit mode is always on. also, instead of dropdowns for Hidden and Favourites rather use Radio Buttons (hidden: hidden / visible (or yes/no), favourite: yes/no ) to make changes quicker. Just a suggestion.

    one more suggestion, display the amount of games (row count) from t

    I just tried the new scraping function, it always says "Oops an error has occured while reading the stream !!". what is it? My roms are stored on a NAS for your information.

  • Tester


    Yes, that's a good suggestion for the checkboxes.
    At first I did this to prevent people from accidentaly make changes, but as you said, you have to click the save button anyway.
    So I might remove them all, or least just leave one and only one, to enable edit mode.
    About the dropdowns for favorite/visible, I won't change them for GUI consistency, and it's only a matter of one additional click, so you won't have an enormous gain of speed even if I put radio buttons instead...
    About the amount of games = I think some words are missing in your sentence ^^ what do you mean ?

    And finally, regarding your problem with the scraping function, this error is related to a network problem while attempting to connect to screenscraper. Your roms being stored on a NAS have nothing to do with this. It works like a charm at my office from my computer, and also at home where my roms are stored on my Pi.
    Do you use a proxy or anything ?

  • @neeeeb
    amount of games = number of games. like count the games in the filter and display the number somewhere near. like if I select missing image in the filter, it shouws the games in the list and says "12 games found" or something...

    I don't use proxy (i think) i will check into this matter as soon as I have time, proably after the weekend. thanks buddy

  • Hello NeeeeB

    Thanks a lot for sharing your software with the community.

    I have a "Oops an error has occured while reaching the server" window when trying the scrap function. My roms are on my comp, in the same directory where I put Gamelist Editor. Just wanted to change the info for 1 game.
    I have no proxy/vpn/...


    btw, on peut parler français aussi... :)

  • Tester


    Well, what you're asking is already displayed ^^
    Check under the system logo, when a filter is selected, you have an info like "xx / yy games found", wherre xx is the number of filtered games and yy the total number of games.


    Bin mince alors...J'ai testé sur 3 PC différents, depuis 3 endroits différents et je n'ai aucun souc, et toi tu es le deuxième à me remonter le problème...Faut que j'investigue un peu parce que je ne vois vraiment pas d'où ça vient (ton message dit que ça n'a pas pu se connecter à screenscraper).

  • oui c'est etrange. J'ai essayé en mode admin, compatibilité W7, etc... rien à faire.
    et j'ai screenscraper ouvert en //...

    n'hésite pas à me dire si tu veux que je teste des trucs.


    edit: bon, pour certains jeux ca semble marcher, pour d'autres ca plante tout le temps... bizarre

    ah, question stp, le scrape proposé dans ton logiciel, c'est que pour l'image, ou ça peut faire pour autre chose également (description, année, éditeur, ...)

  • Tester

    @gmgman @myjosito

    After a short talk with the ScreenScraper team, the problem was that when the server is overloaded (in the week-end), non-subscribed users are "banned".
    I've added a window to enter your Screenscraper credentials (Option / Network / configure) to fix that problem.
    Of course you need to be registered on the screenscraper site.
    And i've added more descriptive error messages when trying to scrape and something goes wrong.

    I've also added to possibility to enter your proxy settings if you use one.

    And I've removed all unnecessary checkboxes for edition.

    I didn't release a new version, just updated the zip on Github, so download it again ;-)


    Pour l'instant c'est uniquement les images, j'ajouterai peut être le reste par la suite, mais c'est pas la priorité, à la base ça devait pas servir à scraper ^^
    Mais en soi j'ai déjà tout ce qu'il faut donc c'est techniquement faisable.

  • Pas de soucis, déjà bien utile ainsi ! :p

    Je te confirme, apres rentrer mes identifiants screenscraper, la fenetre Oops n'apparait plus.
    En revanche j'en ai une autre qui apparait, disant que le jeu n'a pas été trouvé. Pourtant il y est, j'ai meme rajouté des médias :)
    La recherche se fait sur quelle base ? nom du fichier ? nom du jeu ?

    Et merci pour ta dispo ! :)

  • Tester


    Ça scrape avec le crc et le nom de la rom, et non pas celui du jeu. Donc si ça ne trouve rien, c'est que ta rom n'a pas le nom et le crc identiques à ceux de screenscraper, et dans ce cas je ne peux pas y faire grand chose, à moins de se baser uniquement sur le nom du jeu mais ça va rendre le scrape beaucoup moins fiable.
    Je verrai si je peux bidouiller un truc dans la semaine ;-)

  • @neeeeb t'inquiete, c'est un peu à nous de nous adapter aussi !!!

    merci pour ta réponse
    bon we

  • Tester


    Mais de rien, j'ai fait un truc, faut bien que j'assume le service après-vente lol
    Je vais voir quand même pour affiner la technique de scrape, faut que je discute un peu avec le grand gourou Screech pour avoir un peu plus de détails.

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