Strange network bug that requires a recovery!

  • I might be the only one who has experienced this issue but I thought I would share it and see if anyone has any suggestions. I've had a few occasions issues where the network breaks on Recalbox.  Turning off wifi and then turning on displays an error saying there is a configuration issue.  It's not limited to WiFi either, it stops the Ethernet port working too.  The only option I'm currently with is to recover the whole system and start again.  I cannot confirm but I think it happened when the system is turned off whilst Kodi is running. Does anyone have any suggestions should this happen again?

  • I've had this happen on more than 1 occasion and is why I'm not currently using recalbox 😞 If it gets fixed, I'll start using it again, but rebuilding after overy other reboot was a PITA (I'm wired only, so can attest to it not being a wifi specific issue)

  • Has anyone discovered how to resolve this issue?  It's becoming a real problem.

  • Did this ever get fixed?

  • I have a couple of boxes plus friends and families and I've had this happen on three different occasions with different boxes. Once I've done basic trouble shooting I just do a full re image.   Was there ever a fix?   Also, it seems development has stopped or slowed down. Anyone know what's going on?

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