Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

4.1.0 Moonlight strange behavior?

  • Hi Guys,
    I'm running a RPI2 with 4.1.0. Today I configured Moonlight. It works flawless but ... only in combination with the Edimax W-Lan Stick. If I disable W-Lan and jack in the Ethernet cable I just get a black screen with the Recalbox logo but I'm hearing the sound of the Steam Big Screen Mode. Sometimes I see also the splash screen but it's freezes then or go back to Recalbox UI. Isn't it a bit uhm strange? Why does it work with W-Lan but not via Ethernet?

    Running the current version of GFE on my machine with a Geforce 1070. The Ethernet cable I used is normally connected with my Nvidia Shield TV.

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