Controller needs to be re-plugged to work in games

  • I just installed Recalbox using NOOBS recently, on rpi3. My controller is Logitech Gamepad F310.

    After first configuration, my controller worked fine both in menu and in games. However, when I re-configured it (due to wrong mapping), the controller stopped working in games, but it still works in menu.

    Whenever I go into any games, I need to unplug and plug my controller for it to work.
    Extra info: My controller only works in Xinput (X), not Dinput (D). Although from google searches I realize this is not a common case. However, I don't know how relevant it is to my problem.

    Hope someone could help. Thanks a lot. My installation doesn't have much data yet so if a fresh install is needed, I'm ok too. But I'm more interested in knowing the root of the problem. Thanks beforehand.

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