Sonic and Knuckles Sonic 3 very slow

  • Hi,

    Every other Emulator runs really well. But in the Sonic & Knuckles Sonic 3 stage with the burning woods fire effect in the background the game is slow. Sometimes approx half of the speed of the original.

    I changed the emulator and disabled rewind but no luck. Any idea what is wrong? I don't think this is because the game is so demanding. Yoshis Island on the SNES runs with original speed.

  • @marcdk rpi version ? Recalbox version ? Sure that original game don't have the same slowdowns ?

  • Hi,

    Pi: RP3
    Recalbox 4.1 (latest)
    Tried the game on OpenEmu on my mac and it runs at normal speed. Nobody else with this problem? Sonic 1 runs with fullspeed.

    • Marc

  • Hi i just tried with picodrive + sonic 3 (the classic rom, without knuckles) and my framerate counter didn't gets below 60fps.

  • I'll try without knuckles. Never liked that red Echinacea anyway.

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