So what about bin.ecm and .ape files psx?

  • Hey all, I'm trying to get recalbox and psx emulator to rub psx games, I have downloaded a rom, that is a .zip file, in side this zip file there is a 7zip file (which contain the .bin.ecm file) and a bunch of .ape files...

    How do I get it to play on the recalbox PSX emulator?

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    If I remember correctly PSX emulators only supports zip, iso, cue, bin files.
    So I think your rom is not in the good format.
    Did you try to leave the zip file as is and run it ?

  • Banned

    @filledk you have to decompress that to get you bin and cue it'e pretty esay to find documenation for this

  • hello!

    extract the file, then exctract the bin.ecm inside, download ecm100, take the .bin.ecm and drag it onto the unecm.exe, it will decompress it and you will have a .bin file, join it with the .cue in the first zip file.

  • hello, Excuse my english. I converted the file so and created a * .cue, but unfortunately there are sound problems when playing. it's rushing.

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