How to add new themes?

  • Would it be possible for anyone to walk me through the process of installing new EmulationStation themes? I would specifically like to use the theme made by Hurtaut available for download on this page: (Although probably without the Retropie splash screen, as that just wouldn't be quite accurate.) The mini how-to on editing themes here frankly tells me, as a new user who is not accustomed to working with the terminal commands on a RPi, nothing. I have a complete theme downloaded (the one linked above); isn't there a way to just drop it in and go? Thanks for any light anybody can shed on this.

  • Hello.  I've been looking at converting this theme but as you may have noticed it does not natively work with Recalbox.  Creating a theme is quite simple in that you can simply replace the background image, however, this theme uses a different layout which doesn't quite work.  More than likely you'll just need to change the layout to make it work. All themes are held in /root/.emulationstation/themes/ and in their individual folders.  Each folder contains: theme.xml  (references the layout and graphics) sounds (folder containing the music - system.ogg) art (folder contains the svg image and background artwork) A good place tho start is to copy the 'simplesvgs' theme to the systems folder (cp -r /root/.emulationstation/themes/simplesvgs /recalbox/share/system/) and then then rename it.  Once you've finished copy it back (cp -r /recalbox/share/system/yourtheme /root/.emulationstation/themes/)   Warning:  Be aware of how much memory your theme uses.  The more active emulators the more memory is used.  Although it would be possible to create a different image for the main screen to the one used when you select the emulator it uses lots of memory.  To combat this you could use lower resolution images and smaller music files.  Take into account Retropie doesn't have background music (as far as I'm aware) so it doesn't use as much memory. What I was planning was to completely change the layout and use SVG files for everything but I've yet to do this.   If you want to try a different theme try the one I created. Just copy the dark-720 folder to your Recalbox 'system' folder and then copy that folder to the themes folder: cp -r /recalbox/share/system/fanart-720 /root/.emulationstation/themes/

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