USB stick freezing Recalbox

  • Heyo,

    So really strange problem here - been scouring the web for 24 hours and have found nothing like it elsewhere.

    It seems like the USB stick (Kingston Data Traveler 32gb) I'm using, which was working fine initially, has stopped being recognized by the RbPi3 all of a sudden.

    What's weird is since I'm configuring 3 different RbPi 3 with Recalbox as gifts, I've experienced the same problem several times, in every possible configuration.

    The history breakdown:
    Was working fine at first. I added some games: no problem. I could play them.
    Then I added a ton of games.
    Unrecognized USB.

    And now, while nothing new was performed on either USB stick nor micro SD card, when I start RB with the stick in, the game controller no longer works and the little lightning bolt icon appears in the top right (insufficient power), as though this USB stick was suddenly draining too much power (I have a 2.5V power supply - should be fine).

    If I remove the USB stick, the icon disappears and the controller responds again.

    If I try with a different USB stick it seems to work again.

    Has anyone had this problem? I'd like to not have to purchase 3 new USB sticks, with no absolute certainty that will solve my issue.

    Any advice most appreciated!

  • Forgot to mention: when I reformatted one of the usb sticks, RB still wouldn't recognize it at first. Then it did. It configured it as it's supposed to, I tried to add a game: no longer recognized...

  • UPDATE -

    Yeah definitely was the USB stick. Don't use a Kingston Data Traveler 32gb, I guess.

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