Why i cant run IGS game ???

  • i cant run fba or mame to start <Knights of Valour> or someother IGS game . i am soure that rom is in the working list i had try lots of BIOS ,but no one works all BIOS  works on the pc   why ????????????????????????????????????????

  • The issue is either going to be: 1)  The rom you are using. 2)  The bios you are using. I would first try downloading the rom from https://www.planetemu.net/roms/fb-alpha?page=K (typically I pick the largest file size).  There are some instruction for https://www.planetemu.net/rom/fb-alpha/kov-2 regarding the file/folder structure which might help. After this it's just a case of making sure you have the correct bios. I've not had much luck with MAME games but will see if I can get this game working within FBA when I get home.

  • lol~~~~ my poor fr~~~~

  • Hi there. I have already used clrmamepro and the supplied dat file to verified my set of ROMs and BIOS, and it also doesn't work on my Pi. So the problem is either going to be 1) The way RecalBox handle the ROMs/BIOS, or 2) The emulator's IGS driver itself. The good old news is another libretro mame core will be added into next version of RecalBox, so lets wait and see if this could fix the problem.

  • with lots of bugs  i try to compile recalbox.finding out the imame4all doesnot <span class="high-light-bg">Support IGS game </span>       oH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my poor en

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