Moonlight woes :(

  • Hi all,

    Really hoping that someone can help with my moonlight issues.

    I followed all instructions given on this site:
    I applied configuration "a" (Version >= 4.0.0 beta1).
    After using the command "./ pair" I get this "error" message:

    Moonlight Embedded 2.2.0 (EMBEDDED;CEC;PI)
    Too many options: No such file or directory
    Moonlight Embedded 2.2.0 (EMBEDDED;CEC;PI)
    Searching for server...

    Now... It was working previously, and if I uninstall GFE (2.11.xx) and reinstall, then sometimes I can get it paired again to work.
    I can stream without issues to my MacBook (steam stream, not moonlight), but recalbox is really struggling with something.

    Once I actually get the thing working, and either restart my PC or resume from sleep, it looses the ability to stream/pair (to Pi only).
    I've got GFE whitelisted on norton, taken off all the over-internet port forwarding etc.

    Also tried ./ clean, but it still won't find the games PC. No other game stream PC on the network either...

    Any advice on where to look?

  • so though reinstalls, different GFE's etc, I have narrowed it down to wake on lan causing the issue.
    I.e. If I WOL from my phone, pc starts, steam streams to Mac, doesn't stream to Pi (black screen, doesn't kill back to emulation station).
    If I then put to sleep and wake with kb/mouse, it works as it is supposed to...

    Any advice how to have WOL not screw with moonlight streaming?

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