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Edit es_system.cfg for PS1 games?

  • Hi, I'm trying to configure the ps1 emulator to show only the cue files in ES so I won't end up with duplicate files when I have a game with multiple bin files...

    As far as i know it's necessary to edit:

    <fullname>Sony Playstation 1</fullname>
    <extension>.img .IMG .pbp .PBP .bin .BIN .cue .CUE .iso .ISO .ccd .CCD</extension>



    I obtained permissions entering Pi with PuTTy software using command:

    mount -o remount,rw /

    After this I edited es_system.cfg entering the file with WinSCP and changing the string to:

    <extension>.cue .CUE .cbn .CBN .img .IMG .mdf .MDF .pbp .PBP .toc .TOC .z .Z .znx .ZNX</extension>

    and saved... Now, with this little change EmulationStation wasn't booting anymore (error message), and I had to change again the string to default to make it run again...

    Where is the mistake? Please let me know!


  • Banned

    @opossum said in Edit es_system.cfg for PS1 games?:

    .toc .TOC .z .Z .znx .ZNX

    never heard of those format for psx games and I doubt they're supported...

    you must have made a mistake not closing correctly the tag extension or something, redo it

    also if you're on windows, only use notepad++ or your end of lines characters will be broken... you could also have copied a windows end of line character at the end of </extension> without realizing it

  • Solved... Always use notepad++ 🙂

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