Problem with controller only on libretro

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    Something got wrong and only my libretro controller configuration is messed up, can you help me? I've tried anything

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    @Pepeu could be even be less specific ??? no information at all in your post about your configuration or what you did and it doesn't even mean anything...

  • Sorry, it was not my was my first post here...

    I am using a xbox one controller and it's working fine in all emulators, except for libretro. When I start a game, it starts for the 2 players at once and the hotkeys doesn't work either.

    I guess it could be a problem with retroarch but I can't enter the retroarch configuration anymore, because of the problem....

    I tried to rebind de controls but it stills the same

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    @Pepeu what do you mean by libretro ? it's no an emulator ... do you mean fba_libretro ?

    if yes do you have the right romset ?
    did you configure your controller in Emulation Station menu ?
    are you trying with different games ?

  • @voljega Yes, I am talking about fba_libretro, but I think I found a solution!

    I started a SNES game, entered the retroarch config and set to 'OFF' all 'per core' configurations

    Now, when I start a game frommy fba_libretro library, it shows 'Microsoft Xbox One controller not configured' but it works!

    I am not happy with this message and I think that I will have trouble with two controllers or other controller devices, but, for what I was looking now, it's perfect!

    By the way, I am really gratefull that you tried to help me. Thanks!

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