PSX slower in Recalbox vs. RetroPie and looks different?

  • Taking from my Reddit post:

    Running Crash Bandicoot: Warped on RetroPie is better than running it on Recalbox, and I'm wondering how I can fix that because I'm really preferring Recalbox right now. I have noticed this difference between the two, where the background in the loading menu is rendered smooth in Recalbox but not in RetroPie and I'm thinking that may have something to do with it. Here's pictures:

    I've mangled the settings trying to fix this so the games will look a bit different than the default settings, but the effects have been happening since day 1 and are the reason for me changing the settings in the first place.

    And that's it, why is there a difference in the rendering (AFAIK they're using the same PSX emulator), is that causing the slowdown, and how can I get Recalbox looking the same as RetroPie to fix it? I'm doing this on a Raspberry Pi 1 B+ which I know even overclocked will not handle this game, but I would like to see if I can get this fixed before moving to a faster Pi.

    A Reddit user suggested turning off smooth games and shaders, but those didn't affect it.

  • Which recalbox version ?
    Anyways if you really want play psx games, invests for a rpi3. Rpi0/1 is not able to emulate at full framerate psx.

  • @rockaddicted Sorry for the late reply, It is on Recalbox 4.0.1. I do know psx games will not run well on the Pi1, but I would like to get Recalbox working at RetroPie's speed first before I make the upgrade.

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    @Total-Box those tests are really meaningless, the pi0 is not powerfull enough for psx like already said.

    And by looking at your test images what you're complaining of is that psx on pi1 retropie is quicker but the image has ugly artifacts whereas recalboximage is clean and maybe slower : I say maybe because fps are not even shown on your first image of retropie so it's difficult to compare anything, so all fps differences may well be a feeling and nothing more.

    Also comparing only the menu is pretty odd and not very usefull.

    Anyway I would say that a test comparing on both distributions something which not running good at all isn't a usefull test at all.

    If you really want to compare before ingswitch use a well pi1 running emulator or get a pi3 ...

  • You can try to flash a 4.1 unstable image file.
    The psx core has been bumped.

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