Strange font on default theme?

  • Hey guys,

    I'm assuming this should be reported as a bug but seems the font is slightly 'italic' on some titles?

    alt text
    See the 'E ON' on BLAZE ON
    See the 'G STAR' on BLAZING STAR
    No issues on the BLOMBY CAR

    I think it's been like it for a while but never really noticed until using a small screen - then I noticed it looks like that on a 1080p TV too!

  • Banned

    @BuToNz I think it's more of a graphical issue, leters seems broken more than italic.

    Strangely sometimes everything is fine, sometimes this thing appears...

    I'm even wondering if it coukdnnt be some weird upscaling problem on modern lcd tvs

  • @BuToNz Hello, yep I already seen this issue, but didn't have time to investigate.
    Maybe an issue with de font texturing in ES, don't know... And for the moment, we don't have time to work on this kind of cosmetic issue. Maybe in the future when recalbox will be more mature and we'll be boring without any major dev to do 😉

  • @rockaddicted Thanks for the reply. Keep up the great work - hopefully this issue will be sorted one day 🙂

  • yes, that happens sometimes, seems to be more frequent in psx....and sometimes is "more" notorious , other times is less....
    i dont know why, but not so relevant 😉

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