New theme! (Work in progress)

  • I thought I would share with you my current progress on a new theme.  The aim was to have a fanart graphics with remixes of that video games music playing in the background.  It's early stages and I've still got a long way to go with the artwork as well as tweaking the interface somewhat.  If you look in the zipped file you'll find some alternative music which I'm going to use for another theme. Have a play and let me know what you think.  Some of the music is awesome! Download: (see later post) Instructions: Unzip into your Recalbox/system folder and then use the following command to copy it to the correct location: cp -r /recalbox/share/system/fanart-by-nickdj /root/.emulationstation/themes/   Note:  The music is not my own and all credit goes to the artists.  The background images have been amended to work at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

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    Can't wait to see that 😉

  • Uploading again. 🙂 I'm hitting one problem which I can't work out.  In snes/art I have two images, one normal and one blurred (snes_art.jpg and snes_art_blur.jpg) and for some reason I can't use both images in theme.xml.  Works fine when I change from one theme to the new one but upon reboot I get a white screen.  But if I use the same image (as below) it works. ---- <formatVersion>3</formatVersion> <include>./../simple.xml</include>   <view name="system"> <sound name="bgsound"> <path>./sounds/system.ogg</path> </sound> <image name="background" extra="true"> <path>./art/snes_art.jpg</path> </image>   <image name="logo"> <path>./art/snes.svg</path> </image> <helpsystem name="help"> <textColor>00000077</textColor> <iconColor>00000077</iconColor> </helpsystem>   </view>   <view name="basic, detailed"> <image name="background"> <path>./art/snes_art.jpg</path> </image> <text name="system_name_1" extra="true"> <text>Super Nintendo</text> <forceUppercase>1</forceUppercase> <size>0.45 0.08</size> <pos>0.527 0.01</pos> <color>000000</color> <fontPath>./../art/OPENSANS-LIGHT.TTF</fontPath> <fontSize>0.055</fontSize> <alignment>right</alignment> </text> ----- For all other ones it works fine. This is the only snag I've found so I'll continue working on the theme and come back to it later 🙂

  • Sussed it!  It looks like it didn't like 1920 x 1080 images but that might be my screen/set-up. (Updated @ 16:00 - 06/05/2015   List of current images with new music (all have upbeat/funky remixes) gameboy - pokemon red gameboyadvance - metroid gameboy color - donkey kong land 3 psx - Final Fantasy IX snes - Zelda FinalBurnAlpha - Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike sega32x - Sonic megadrive - Outrun gamegear - Streets of rage 2 n64 - Mario Kart mastersystem - Space Harrier pcengine - Bonks adventure segacd-nexzr (to be changed) nes - Kirby Adventure

  • @Retroboy Where in Recalbox/Emulationstation is the colour of the main scrolling bar and sub menu set?  I would like to change it for my theme. Cheers 🙂

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    I think it's in the emulationstation code ....

  • More updates: I now have two themes depending on your preference, dark and light.  (I've created an extra theme for screens which have a 16:10 ratio) To do: Themes for missing systems:  fds, msx, and sg1000 On the black theme change the rating stars to yellow Get 1080p artwork working. Kodi/Apps launcher (will be implemented on next revision) Wishlist:  To display the time in the top right corner.  I'm not a coder so may take time. New themes planned:  Rebuild of Aloshi's theme to work with Recalbox with new original game soundtracks.

  • Been working hard and have changed a few bits.  Just uploaded a new file (link below) to replace the previous 'dark-fanart' theme.  This one adds the option to have a Kodi launcher but could be used to launch other bash (.sh) scripts. Warning:  I've had a few strange issues with freezing but this appears to only be when there are MAME, SG1000, MSX, or Atari2600 roms in their respective folders.  No idea why and it may be unique to my setup, however, I don't use those emulators to be honest.  Will continue to investigate in the meantime. Please read the 'Read Me' file just to be clear before you start.  It provides more information if you don't want the Kodi menu. Short instructions are: 1)  Unzip and copy the .emulation folder to your 'systems' folder on your Recalbox. 2)  Type the following into terminal:  cp -r /recalbox/share/system/.emulationstation /root/ && mkdir /recalbox/share/roms/applications && cp -r /recalbox/scripts/ /recalbox/share/roms/applications/   The above will copy the theme the correct location, create a new 'applications' folder on your roms directory.  And copy the script to that folder.

  • Hello and thank you for your work. I quickly given a look to your themes and they render well. Good job. About your freeze/crash problems, I think know what is the cause. It is a problem of ram. Indeed, when you have many systems activated, your themes are too big to be loaded in the ram allowded to emulationstation. So the crashs are not provided by the MAME, SG1000, MSX, or Atari2600 systems, but by the number of systems active in the same time in the recalbox. I had the same problem with the Zoid theme, so to reduce the size in ram, I reduced the resolution of the background and it is OK. In your case, I think than the problem is for each system, you load 2 backgrounds, a normal one and a blured one. So that increases the size of the theme in the ram. I tried your themes with about 15-20 systems activated in my recalbox (my standard installation). When I switch theme by emulationstation from simplesgvs to your dark theme, I can see the Vram (activate fps in emulationstation to see it) go from 120mo for simplesgvs to 160-170mo for your dark theme. And when I reboot, after switched to your theme, emulationstation don't load and I arrive to a white screen. I tried to modify your theme with only one background by system, I kept the blured one, and no problem to the boot, and the size in the Vram is about 110mo. So I hope that will help you to debug your theme, and thank you for your work! Ah, an other advice, in the next recalbox's version, we'll have new systems emulated. So that will be great if you could do the themes for this too. That will avoid the problem of white page for this new systems. (For the moment, there will have neogeo pocket color, game and watch, prboom, lynx, vectrex)

  • Thank you so much for this reply.  This has been bugging me all weekend and I thought it might have been the memory card at first.  But the same thing happens so I ruled that out.  I did think there was a possibility it was using too much RAM but with 512MB available I dismissed it initially.   What you have advised really helps and means I can work on a solution.  It also explains why I had problems with the 1080p images.  I'll look at reducing the themes size and this should resolve the issues.   Many thanks again for our help.

  • No problems, I'm impatient to test a newer version 😃

  • New update uploaded - 18 emulators and no crashing.  (Actually uses less memory than simplesvgs!)   Updates: Removed blurred image to save memory. Added MSX, FDS, & SG-1000 themes. Changed star ratings to yellow

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    Hi, nice work @nickdj, i downloaded your last revision to see the result and that cool. We could put that in the 3.3.1, but there are several new emulators in 3.3.0 ...

  • Thanks Retroboy.  Means a lot to have your approval. I'm working on the final tweaks to the theme to give a good balance of quality without using too much memory.  I've created a high resolution theme  (1080p images) which looks amazing.  It works with approximately 8 emulators active which is enough for most systems. I'm working on creating the final version of the 720p theme which will allow a lot more to be active and hopefully will have this completed by the end of the week.   Looking forward to seeing the new supported emulators and working on adding these to the theme.

  • We are getting very close to the completed product now.  Below is a link to the latest downloads: There are two main themes and both include the Kodi menu. fanart-720 : With all current 19 emulators active this uses 120 MB of memory.  There is still room for more! fanart-1080 :  This is the original high-res version designed for big screens.  You can have about 8 emulators active before memory starts getting a little tight on the Raspberry Pi 2.  If you run out of memory you'll need to change the theme back manually in the es-settings.cfg file. Updates since last version: New Kodi graphics (works better at lower res) Atari 2600 theme and new music (Pac-Man) Famicom Disk System - New Mario theme with a great tune! MAME : New Ghouls n Ghosts theme with music Gamegear - New artwork Used Photoshop on nearly all images to improve image quality.   Still to do: SG1000 :  Based on Wonderboy but needs music as it's still using the original.

  • Hi nickdj ! Your theme is great , thanks for sharing it ! Just a little problem for scummvm, the backround art is white because it is not configured as a .png but .jpg on your theme.xml. I just changed the configuration for .png and everything is working fine now !   I saw that you have added an "Apps" part on the es_system.cfg for Kodi. I don't have this directory neither the script .sh for launching kodi. Is it something you made yourself or did I miss something during the installation of your theme ?   Thanks again for making even more awesome this awesome little recalbox !   PS - another little issue: the logo for fba is the fba-libretro one. I replaced the file fba.svg from the one present on the simplevgs theme. PS2 - Ok I have the begining of an idea for starting Kodi with a script: HOW-TO start kodi with a script (french)

  • Many thanks for your feedback.  I completely forgot about Scumm as I don't have any roms on my system.  (UPDATE:  Just added Monkey Island 2 theme and remixed music - uploading now) I hadn't spotted the different image for the non-libretro so will copy that back.  (UPDATE:  This has been corrected) I forgot to include the read_me in the last zip.  To create the folders and copy the launcher just use the following:  (UPDATE:  New zip file includes a Read_Me.txt file)   cp -r /recalbox/share/system/.emulationstation /root/ && mkdir /recalbox/share/roms/applications && cp -r /recalbox/scripts/ /recalbox/share/roms/applications/ This will copy the to a new folder called applications in the roms share.  Technically you can add your own *.sh (bash) scripts to that folder and run them.  🙂   I am hoping to completely finish this little project (until 3.3.0 comes out that is) by the end of this week.  I'm not happy with the SG-1000 theme/music but it's really difficult to find something for a system that doesn't typically have any music!   I've been working on that today thought 🙂    (UPDATE:  New image included - Music I've chosen is nice but may change it) I  also want to change the image used for Sega32x as I'm not entirely happy with it.

  • Thank you for the explanation on the Kodi script. Keep up the good work !   PS: I started my recalbox to test some shaders this afternoon and my girlfriends was so fond of your Supernes theme that she asked me to put it on his phone. Zelda with wubwubwub. SO awesome 🙂

  • OK, I think I've got to a stage where I'm happy with this theme overall.  Could tweak the SG-1000 image, however, I doubt many are using this emulator.  Everything else I'm happy and will continue work when 3.3.0 is released.   I would like some feedback both positive and negative. - Which artwork you like or dislike - Favorite or worst music (I love the 'Gameboy - Pokemon Red' music personally!) - Anything which doesn't look right - Suggestions I will create a 16:10 version of this theme for those who use computer monitors 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing of your theme, it looks nice and working smoothly 😉   however something doesn't look right to me, so here are some of my thoughts, -FBA cannot run SF3, only FBA-libertro does. maybe its better to switch that to SF2 or D&D? -The MSX background you used is Gradius V, which is a PS2 game. -Virtual Box image is missing. -For FDS, I personally don't think the current background can define the system, when I see it I can only think of N64 mainly because of the super mario logo. I suggest to use another games like "Yume koujou doki doki panic", "Palutena no kagami", "Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa" or just "Metroid".   Also, I found some video about the official SEGA themes for the 3DS, I heard that you are looking for music for the SG-1000 so maybe you or other theme developers can take this as a reference? ( Yes.. I am using this emulator if you wonder 😄 ) SG-1000  Mark III  Master System  Game Gear Mega Drive  Sega Saturn  Dreamcast Game Center  Space Harrier  Fantasy Zone   Please keep up the good work!

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