Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

System-wide virtual keyboard that can be controlled with a gamepad?

  • Is there a linux module to have a virtual keyboard that is system-wide and controllable just with a gamepad?

    This would be a great feature for recalbox. Of course, some hotkey combo is needed to enable the virtual keyboard.

    Especially with several computer emulations that will soon be added, such a virtual keyboard would take care of those.

    Of course, a virtual keyboard service needs to exist. I did a quick google search but found nothing. But I would hope such a thing already exists, at least as a kind of accessibility feature?

  • Hi @rsn8887

    Wait for the 4.1 🙂 A virtual keyboard through web browser and an onscreen keyboard have been added.

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