Recalbox 7.0

GBA Retroachievements not popping?!?

  • I'm having issues with retroachievements and the Recalbox GBA emulator. Firstly, I've set up all account details for retroachievements within Recalbox and have no issues with any of the other supported emulators or roms I've played with achievements fully working.

    I initially had the 'This core doesn't support achievements' message pop up when I first ran the GBA, so I swapped the core for mGBA as I know this core works fine on the Android version of Retroarch with achievements. I've tried Sonic Advance and Recalbox seems to be picking up that I am playing a game that supports achievements as it appears on my Retroachievements user page. I've done quite a few of the achievements on Sonic Advance and Super Mario Advance but they aren't popping and aren't showing up that I've collected them. Tried resetting the rom, restarting the Pi and also tried different regions of the same roms as I read that achievements may only work with US roms as opposed to Europe or Japan variants.

    I have also copied over and run the exact same roms from my recalbox install to Retroarch on Android and the achievements pop no problem.

    Is there another step to setting this up on Recalbox for GBA, am I missing something obvious, is it just broken or has it never worked for Recalbox?

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