p5yk0Station2 [PS1-Case]

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    PS1 Case including:

    • RasPi3

    • 160GB HDD

    • Adapter for PlayStation gamepads (manually soldered)

    • GPIO ON/OFF switch

    • Hardware ON/OFF switch

    • 3.5A / 5V supply

    • LED stripe for glow-effect

    Its not pretty because I just pushed inside what i needed without thinking, but I learned for future projects 🙂
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    You can change the Pi OS-card without disassembling the case.
    alt text

    alt text
    Like I said, in the inside it looks so bad because i didn't think while pulling all together.

    But I hope you like it 🙂

  • you didn't use the original PS power switch ? I see 2 switches on the left of your PS1.

    Have you used the gamecon driver for the original PS pads ?

  • @Substring i used an usb converter that already recognised 2 gamepads on the first startup. Even without pads plugged in.

    I didn't use the original power switch in this build, because there was not enough space for it left. Maybe next time 🙂

  • But I learned much from this project. I am happy it works and don't look back on the outside. If you wondered why it's called "p5yk0station2", the "first" p5yk0station was a Mini-ITX-PC inside the PS1 Case, with use of the original switches, but it failed with heat problems 😞
    alt text
    Next project will be something inside a Commodore64 case with use of it's keyboard. But this time, i plan first, then build 😄

  • New Commodore 64 project? ckech this, it can give you some ideas 🙂 http://www.xphere.me/articles/c64pi-project/

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