3.2.11 issues + wish list

  • Hi There, Firstly, just wanted to say thanks for Recalbox, it's fantastic and so very close to perfect for my uses, however there are a few issues that I hope get fixed in future versions when you have time which are: * Shutting down directly from Kodi, instead of exiting to Emulation Station only. * SCUMVM built into ES doesn't show correctly for me, I only have a small section of the bottom left of the screen that shows so it is unplayable. I've managed to run it out of ES directly from the command line, and it works. I noticed also that the version is not as good as the one on RetroPie which has ogg and accurate MT32 midi emulation. Could the version from RetroPie be brought to Recalbox please? * GBA emulation doesn't work for most Nintendo-made games, but is ok for a lot of third party ones. * N64 emulation doesn't work until some changes are made to the config in the command-line, but this affects the video output. It is OK, but I think performance is affected. In terms of what I'd like to see in future is emulation for Amiga, C64, and direct menu access to SCUMMVM. Recalbox is awesome, and I can't wait to see how things develop with it soon. Thanks for helping to make my RPi2 the most entertaining little box in my household, and all the best!

  • GBA works for me, I had to add some bios files though.   I agree with the other issues/requests. I'd love to have a frontend for configuring a controller for each emulator. Retroarch's frontend for that is horrible and difficult to understand.

  • Hi, To turn off your RPI2 from Kodi you can use an app. In my case, I use"SSHutdown" on Android, it is easy to set (just the IP adress, the login and password) and you set the command you want to send to the pi (/bin/halt to shutdown and /bin/reboot to reboot).   This app work fine for me   Mamath

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