Thumbnails and manual scrape not working

  • I've noticed that doing a manual scrape of a rom isn't saving as after reboot the data is lost. I understand that, when saved, it should add it to the gamelists.xml file but it doesn't appear to be working. If it's not saving, where is it storing the information it scraped? Is it in memory? Also, what does the 'thumbnail' image do? I'm assuming it's not supported? I'm trying to build up a full understanding of the scraping process so I can update my batch file to pull down more information. Scraping on the PC is working great but it still misses some roms which Recalbox picks up. I'm trying to understand why and the difference between them. Any help will be appreciated.

  • I have found out that using the scraping function works fine. It just appears to be the manual scrape not saving (i.e pressing select > Edit this games metadata) Is this a bug?

  • I know this thread is a bit old now, but I quickly installed RetroPie to see if there was an issues with the scraper as I too am having problems. My tests show that it also suffers from the issues where manually scrapped data is lost when rebooting. It's a know issue with the solution being to quit emulation station to save the thumbs and game data. This does appear to work I can't confirm that this is also the case with Recalbox as manually scaping never returns any results for me, if it doesn't hang. This is Recalbox specific as RetroPie scraping manually works well and quickly. I'm pretty sure it's the same build of Emulation Station. Perhaps a bug needs to be raised for the scraper?

  • After a very late night mucking around with this, things got a little strange. The batch scraper with no user conflict and using thegamesdb started running, however it did lock-up with "working" hung on the screen after a few dozen entries. Now, this morning the manual scraper, using the edit data process is running. I can confirm that this data is lost if I exit using shut down or restart. However, if I kill ES using F4, the data is saved. There is then an issue of the system being stuck on a black screen, but a quick ctrl+alt+del restarts the Pi. This can easily be resolve by adding the restart ES option to the shut-down menu as RetroPie does. As for the other issues, that's for smarter people than I. I hope this helps in someway

  • Thanks for this. If I knew a little about bash scripts and how to run a back end command I could create an entry under 'applications' to do this.  I'll have a tinker to see if I can find a way to create a custom reboot sequence.  I know you can customize the startup sequence so it's logical to think the same can be done for shutdown 🙂

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