Sega CD / Turbo CD Works on internal but not external storage

  • I can play the Mega/Sega CD and Turbo/PC Engine CD games fine on my internal storage just fine. But when I put them on my external device they won't play. I have the bios files in the bios folder. I want to use external storage for this since the file sizes are so big. I'd appreciate any help.

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    Verify that the extensions for your cue and bin are both in lower case (.cue and .bin), also edit your cue file with a text editor and verify on first line that the reference to the bin file is also in lower case (.bin and not .BIN) if it isn't correct it

  • I double checked all of this and the files are named correctly. Like I said though, they work on my internal storage but not external.

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    @Necrobot20XX are you sure you checked the content of the cue file ?

    works fine for me on external storage

  • I went and checked again, and there were a couple of games that the reference to the bin file was .bin not .BIN. But editing them did no good and the games that had the extension in caps still worked in my internal memory. I know the bios files are there because I get the menu for the CD player for Sega CD and it will play music tracks from the game. It has to be something other than the .bin file extensions causing the problem.

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