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  • Hi everyone, I really love recalbox, and I think it is the most suitable OS to use in my Rpi2 in my living room, but I am facing a problem. When I try to play any emulator in my TV the screen is too big to fit my display. This is not a problem in some games, but it is really annoying in others. I attach you some screenshots so you can check this problem. Emulationstation and Kodi fit perfect in my TV Is there a way to reduce the screen size? Thanks for your help.

  • This looks like overscan, however, if it fits fine in Recalbox and Kodi it suggests its something specific to the RetroArch and that game? Does setting overscan in Recalbox resolve the issue or do you get the same thing but with a border?

  • Hi. If I set overscan on I just get the same with a border. Doing further research, it may be an specific issue with this game and the emulator PCSX_rearmed. In Alundra bottom screen is cut, but not as much as you can see in CTR. I guess I'll just have to wait for an emulator update, it's a shame because this is my fauvorite PSX game :(. Thanks for the interest.

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