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  • Hey Mods and Devs,

    Thanks for your awesome release. I was new to the raspberry Pi 3 3 weeks ago. In fact, I didn't even know what one was. I tried Retropie for a few days and determined that I don't need all those settings to enjoy my retro games experience. I will also say this. I am MOST impressed with how well the emulators run OUT OF THE BOX. This is a great holiday gift to myself!!!!

    Just a general question.... If i turn on the updates on my Recalbox ES, will it update to only official versions? Also, does this machine now just update itself when you release? Will I have to connect back to my PC?
    Also, lastly, will Kodi update when a new version comes out as well?

    Just wondering if all this is automatic from here on out and if the Kodi will also update.



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    @TheZMan if your recalbox is connected, it will prompt everytime a new stable version is released and ask you if you want to update.
    You can also the menubto configure that in case you want to update with unstable versions.

    Kodi will only be updated with new recalbox versions, not by itself.

  • Good evening,

    I just received a Recalbox from a friend. It is running on v3.3.0-beta 17. I would like to update it to version 4, but in the menu it says no update are available. Is there something to be done to force the update?

    thank you

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    @jbk no you have to install 4.0 from scratch it's not possible to update from 3.3b17

  • @voljega thank you for the quick reply! Is there a tutorial to keep the current set of emulators and roms currently on the SD card? Or can I just copy those specific folders and put them back after the upgrade?

    thank you,

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    @jbk those won't be touched by the upgrade at all they will stay the same

  • Thank you for your help, sorry if I am asking simple question, but I don't find information regarding this in the wiki. The SD card already has the previous version of recalbox running. When I plug the SD card to my computer, I only see one partition called recovery (about 462MB). Should I override the files there with the new one from the last recalbox package?

    thank you again,

  • Ok at the end I have downloaded diskinternals desktop reader. Did a copy of the roms on my computer. Formatted the SD card again with SDformatter and installed the last version of Recalbox. Then I plugged a USB stick on the Pi to use it as harddrive for my roms. All working great 🙂

    Only weird thing now my Xbox controller keeps blinking. It wasn't doing that with the previous version of recalbox.

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    @jbk I yeah sorry I made a mistake in my last response but you corrected it 🙂

    For the blinking controller, most likely you did'nt reactivate the xbox driver in recalbox.conf

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