[Resolved]wifi problems

  • i setup my recal box about 2 weeks ago with a wipi usb adapter it didnt work at all so i purchased the Edimax EW-7811UN usb adapter per the compatiability list i type in my ssid (tried all lower case ,all caps ,and combination ) and type in my wifi password the system hangs for a bit then i recive a network configuration error tried this on a pi 2, pi b ,and a b + i also tried 2 fresh installs any ideas thanks in advance

  • Have you tried changing the SSID and Password to something simple on the router? I have the same adapter and had no problems as long as I stick to alpha-numeric characters.

  • its already a pretty simple wifi setup a phone number for the password and my sons name for the ssid edit ok well fixed it ssid was milos mansion changed it to milos and it works talk about a weird requirement i guess no gaps in the names thanks for the heads up on the simple name

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